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There had been a class in school that taught me how to live every day

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  I wish...  There had been a class in school that taught me how to live every day
   This wish was made by myownfool from USA, on 04-11-2010, 21:33
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It would have been nice to have had a class that sat me down and said how to protect myself from some of life's most devastating experiences and how to pull myself out of them.

If you're in a car accident you're told how to call the insurance company. What about when you're in a life accident. Something your parents taught you wouldn't happen if you followed the rules and/or did everyting right. Of course they didn't explain that their right just might not cut it in the real world...only if you didn't want to have to go to bed early in their house.

Just think if someone had taught you to prepare for that day your were fired from your dream job. Think about the day a fire takes everything you ever owned or wanted...woulda' been nice to have had a little emotional prep if you ask me. Then there's the one where your husband of 25 years comes home and says the magical words you never wanted to hear "either you leave or I'm leaving" and your find out there is a girl half your age involved (and a guy for business trips).

You're standing there without a clue. I can guantee you that your insurance man won't be alot of help with most of these.

A Human Conditional Class, it would have helped me alot. I would have learned not to trust human emotion or the human condition or even fate. I would have learned that what you can't insure you devalue. Not devalue to a point of thinking it's worthless. Even I understand there is nothing better than a cup of coffee shared with a friend.

This class would tell how to reach those proverbial boot straps and when to pull. I'd have known what clues to look for to know my world was likely to fall apart real soon. I'd also have known how to protect myself emotionally, physically and financially so I'd have time to grieve over any given event.

The biggy is ...maybe if they had taught me how and what, I'd have known better how to spot it coming.
20-09-2012, 05:44

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I totally agree. We need to be taught basic education as its important to function within society. Just as important are life skills. I too would I had some of these things taught to me that would've better prepared me to make more intelligent choices as well as how to deal with life's more challenging setbacks! In 2001 I stumbled upon a character education program initially targeted at strengthening the characters of our youth to prepare them for such things as you mentioned. It soon blossomed into something that covered every facet of life. Something that helps us get through life's difficulties, avoid the troublous spots and help us to create a life of satisfaction, peace of mind and joy. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program is its name. It's helped me so much, I've become a representative teaching in schools, detention centers, prisons, homes, work places, etc. it works!!

Website: The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program

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